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To protect our retailers, we do not publish our wholesale prices.  Please email us and we will gladly email them to you.  Please include your name and company name with mailing address and phone number. Now you can order many of our merchandise online at Just click on this shopping cart to go directly to purchase online.

Our Online Catalog

  Sterling Silver Jewelry Catalog
  Body Jewelry Catalog(08/2003)   Sterling Charm Catalog
  Sterling Silver CZ Collection Catalog   Sterling Chain Catalog
  Cz Initials
  Sterling Celtic Style Pendants/Cuffs   Body Jewelry Displays
  Dichroic Glass -Set in Sterling   Quartz Crystal Jewelry - Set in Sterling
  Glow Sticks   Amber - Set in Sterling
  Steel Rings
  Rings Specials   Opal Doublet Rings - Set in Sterling
  Hoop Earrings
(Our merchandise is manufactured in the USA, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Italy, Poland, Mexico, South Korea and India.)
How to Order - Proof of Tax ID or Resale Certificate is Required.
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